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Thank you to all of those who have endorsed and contributed to the the Valerie Sasson campaign.

Your time and generosity makes all of this possible.


First Legislative District Democrats


King County Democrats

Angela Kugler, Kenmore City Councilmember

Angela Kuger's Statement of Endorsement

Dr David Arthur PCO

Former WA Senator David Frockt

David and Kira Dorian

WA Senator Derek Stanford

WA Representative Davina Duerr

Dwight Thompson, Kenmore Planning Commission 

King County Young Democrats

National Women's Political Caucus

Elizabeth Mooney


Eric and Stacey Adman


WA Representative Gerry Pollet

Dr Leah Spellin

Rod Dembowsky, King County Councilmember

Sara Hayashi, Kenmore Arts Council

Tracy Banaszynski, Kenmore Planning Commission

Among many others

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